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Point Grey College, a college for individuals on the autism spectrum, would like to hear from you! We are conducting a survey to refine our offering of programs and to ensure we meet your needs. The survey will take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete. You can access it here. Thank you for your time and consideration in completing the survey. You can visit Point Grey College at www.pointgreycollege.com.

Our Target Market

Are you on the autism spectrum and want to work in a professional business field, such as Tech, Accounting, or Admin, but don’t know whether you can retain employment once you get it? Whether you have post-secondary credentials or previous work experience, you may be struggling with doubts about your ability to feel comfortable and capable of retaining employment and building a career. 

We can help you.

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Already placing many individuals on the autism spectrum in well-paying jobs, we have the experience and resources to provide the training you need to succeed.

Our Training Program

Our Employment Retention Training and Assessment (ERTA) program aims to provide you with the confidence and skills you need to retain employment in a business professional environment.

Learning Objectives

Program objectives include learning how to cope with ambiguity, how to work within a team, conflict resolution and more!

Maximize Success

During the program, we continually provide feedback and coaching to ensure you succeed with the course objectives!


You must have post-secondary credentials or show an aptitude in abilities needed to succeed in a business profession by placing in the top 40% of the general population as assessed at our office.

Class Size

We maximize learning outcomes by keeping class sizes small which increases one-on-one time with the instructor.


The ERTA program is subsidized by The Vancouver Foundation which allows us to offer it at a reduced price to individuals. There is an additional cost for the aptitude assessment.


The next ERTA Program is scheduled for early 2020. Contact us below for more details!


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Years of Professional Business Experience

Tech Professionals Managed at Once

ASD Individuals Placed in Well-Paying Jobs

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Years Spent Training Adults to be Employment-Ready

Years of Teaching Experience

Positions Held in Post-Secondary Career

Lonnie Belfer

Our students

100% of our students agree that the program prepared them for the professional business workplace as well as it helped them to understand the behaviours that are expected when on the job. Students often comment on how complete the course is; that the program covered any questions they had before they could ask them!