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Orbital Learning is here to help you succeed in neurodiversifying your organization by helping you to hire and retain individuals on the autism spectrum in professional business roles within your organization.

Our vision is to normalize neurodiversity in the workplace.

Neurodiversity Employment Services

Our services for employers are: awareness training, program management, retention, and consulting.

No matter where you are in the process of neurodiversifying, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

If your organization is starting its neurodiversity journey, you will want to learn about what autism is and is not, how it presents in the workplace, what jobs are suitable and ones that are not, and how to go about neurodiversifying. We provide that awareness training in short presentations that can be delivered through lunch ‘n learns.
Once you decide to neurodiversify, you will want access to expertise to ensure your success in sourcing, selecting, and hiring neurodiverse talent when you venture forth, especially for the first time. This expertise can be in the form of guidance, or support, or execution of the processes involved in hiring your first individual(s) on the spectrum. We will tailor our Program Management Services to what you need.
Once you hire an individual on the spectrum whether as a contractor or permanent employee, you want to ensure you are able to retain that talent. We provide retention services to help you do exactly that. These services include professional soft skills support to the individual on the autism spectrum and autism-specific training and support to the supervisor, colleagues, and other stakeholders in your organization.
When you get hooked on the benefits of neurodiverse hiring, you will want to streamline your internal hiring and retention processes. We can help you re-engineer these processes.

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