ASD Individuals

More skills, more confidence

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What you will gain

At Orbital, we recognize that it is not easy to secure and retain a job if you are an individual on the autism spectrum, especially a business, professional job, such as in the Tech sector.

Our objective is to provide you with the confidence and knowledge to enter and remain in the workforce, reaping the benefits of your strengths while managing your challenges.

Our Process

When you contact us, you may be thinking about employment but not sure what to do next, actively seeking employment, or employed and needing help.

For those individuals not yet employed, when you contact us, you can expect the following process:

Our process starts with a 30-45 minute Meet & Greet with Orbital staff.
Following a meet & greet, the next step is to assess your aptitudes and abilities needed to succeed in a business profession.
Following our assessments, our training programs will provide the confidence and skills you need to retain employment in a business professional environment.
Once you complete our training programs, we can help you navigate employment options and strategize your approach.

For those individuals employed and needing help, when you contact us, you can expect the following process:

We will explore where you are now and where you want to be, to determine how best we can help you.
Following a discovery meeting, we will explore the issues and roadblocks in the way of where you want to be in your career.