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[The ERTA Program] has helped me get through especially stressful times at work. As I did not have any previous work experience in IT, just knowing that I had completed [this training] has given me … confidence.

100% of employed students agreed with:

  1. The training prepared me for the workplace
  2. The training helped me understand the behaviours that are expected of me when on the job
  3. There is a need for job retention skills training for individuals on the spectrum
  4. There is value to this training

What students said they found particularly helpful from the training:

  • How complete it was. It covered any questions I had before I asked them.
  • Learning about Professionalism and Workplace behaviours
  • Communications and workplace environments and pacing
  • IT processes and Scrum
  • Receiving regular feedback and coaching
  • Being in a workplace environment.

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