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Retaining Neurodiverse Talent

You may be new to managing employees on the autism spectrum, hiring a new employee on the spectrum, or managing a situation that requires advice or intervention. Or, your employee may have called us and requested our assistance, and we are contacting you. Whatever the circumstances, our retention services are comprehensive and specific to autism talent.

We find that employers successful in neurodiversity provide training and support to the neurodiverse talent to ensure they are employment friendly and to the organization to ensure they are autism friendly.

Job Coaching

Job coaching is a service provided to the individual on the spectrum. The services address the professional soft skills your employee may find challenging in the workplace, such as, asking for help, communicating status of tasks, getting to work on time, or planning and organizing their work.

Neurodiversity Coaching

Neurodiversity Coaching is a service provided to the organization. It is comprised of training and scheduled and as-needed support in all topics related to autism in the workplace. The good news is that the skills learned in managing employees on the spectrum are helpful in managing all employees.

Professional Soft Skills: ERTA Program

Under certain circumstances, we will recommend that an employee on the spectrum attend our Employment Retention Training and Assessment Program. The circumstances are typically when the neurodiverse individual is at risk of losing their job or are significantly challenged in adhering to workplace protocols.


Through our partnership with Ready Willing and Able, a federal program offered through the Canucks Autism Network and through a grant in partnership with AutismBC from The Vancouver Foundation, funding may be available to cover our costs for retention services.

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