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Consulting Services

When you get hooked on the benefits of neurodiverse talent, you will want to streamline your internal hiring, onboarding, and retention processes. We can help you diversify these processes.

Hiring Process

Starting from the sourcing of talent on the autism spectrum, we can help you define where to advertise to find this talent, the wording of the job posting, and how to screen the initial applicants.

A barrier to individuals on the spectrum is the traditional job interview. We will show you the best practices on how to invite requests for accommodations in the interviews. And, we will develop the accommodated interview right down to the types of questions to ask and how to phrase them.

In the selection process, we can define the traits you are looking for, traits that are not significant, and the traits that will not work for you.

And, finally, the job offer. We will provide a checklist of the details that need to be presented in the offer, especially if it is a conditional offer, for example based on a security check.

Onboarding Process

The first three months is important for any new hire, but this is especially true for individuals on the spectrum. We will provide you with checklists and processes before the start date, the actual start date, and for the next three months.

Retention Process

From social events in the workplace, meetings, written communications, and reporting, we can define guidelines and recommendations for the individual on the spectrum, their supervisor, and colleagues.

In addition, we will provide best practices and procedures for informal performance feedback, formal performance reviews, and career development. Our experience is that employers can have unintended barriers for ASD employees to move their careers forward or even laterally. We will replace those barriers with autism-friendly processes.


We charge for our consulting services at a competitive hourly rate. We know what we are doing and are effective with our time. We will provide a quote prior to engaging.


You may be thinking right now that it seems like a lot of change is needed, but that isn’t really the case. We know what we are doing, and can ease you into the changes.

And, here is what you may find. The changes you make for the ASD employee may benefit all your employees! Sometimes a new way is truly a better way.

Contact us for more information. Together, we will make an Impact.

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