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Building Awareness of the Autism Spectrum

For employers to feel confident in their decision to neurodiversify through hiring from the talented pool of individuals on the autism spectrum, they need to gain some knowledge about autism. We provide that knowledge through awareness presentations. To assist employers in leveraging their neurodiversity experience and developing organizational proficiencies, we provide additional training modules.

Awareness Presentations

Our presentation, Autism in the Workplace, provides a solid overview of what the autism spectrum is and is not, dispelling myths. Fun fact: it is not an intellectual disability. We delve into the types of jobs that are suitable. Fun fact: not just rote, repetitive jobs are suitable. We cover the current research on neurological processing and the strengths of individuals on the spectrum. Fun fact: their incredible ability to go for far deeper dives into topics of interest. Behaviours employers can expect. Fun fact: not making eye contact is due to sensory processing overload and a need for input from one sensory channel at a time. And, we cover more.

Autism in the Workplace is designed in a Lunch ‘n Learn format. In other words, the presentation is one hour, packed with lots of interesting information, followed by 15 minutes of Q & A. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend each awareness presentation.

For your executive team, we offer a condensed version of Autism in the Workplace followed by an open-ended discussion.

Training Modules

To benefit your personnel, no matter where you are in the process of neurodiversifying, we offer additional organizational training. Topics we cover include How To Neurodiversify, How to Hire and Onboard Neurodiverse Talent, and How to Retain Neurodiverse Talent.

We can develop and deliver custom training based on your needs.

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