Assessing Your Strengths

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Assessment Process

Determining whether a career is the right choice for you can be daunting. We can assist you in understanding what your strengths are, which helps you in setting your own career goals.

Aptitude Assessments

We use a suite of assessments from a Belgium organization, Cebir Ld.

You cannot prepare ahead of time for these assessments except to be well-rested.

There are several assessments involved, each one taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. You can take breaks between assessments. Some of the assessments are timed to see how much you can complete, which means that some assessments are designed such that you are not expected to complete them.

We test aptitudes such as accuracy, logical reasoning, attention to detail, pattern recognition, response to stress, productivity, ambition, and much more.

We take your results and prepare a report that shares the results of each assessment and a summary of how your results affect your career choices.

There are no “wrong” results because, remember, we are seeking out your strengths, and no one is good at everything.

Technical Skills Assessments

Whether you are formally trained or self-taught in IT technical skills, it is not necessarily easy to figure out whether you are at an entry level, intermediate, or senior level of knowledge.

We use an online skills assessment that provides feedback on your skill level with details about your particular strengths and challenges in that skill. We choose assessments based on your guidance of technical skills you possess.

It is not uncommon in IT for individuals, especially those on the autism spectrum, to be self-taught. These assessments are valuable in letting you know where your skills place you according to what the job market is expecting at the various seniority levels of a skill set.


We charge a fee for the Assessments:

  • Aptitude Assessments $300 for the full suite of assessments.
  • Technical Assessments $50 per assessment.

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Getting to know your strengths

Getting to know your skill level